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At Exclusive Japan Travel, we offer a variety of
exclusive packages and experiences throughout Japan.
We pride ourselves in providing a once in a lifetime experience in Japan.
We also offer an exclusive insight into Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture, which is the first Emperor Capital created by the first Emperor of Japan. It's mystical and historic sites are breathtaking and the exclusive experiences we provide will capture the essence of Japan.


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Recommended Spot For Sightseeing

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Kashihara Jingu Shrine

Kashihara is where Japan was founded. Japan started from here.

Tanzan Jinja Shrine

Tanzan Jinja Shrine is located in Tonomine, Sakurai City.
It is most famous for their autumn foliage but the cherry blossom season, green lush summer season and the snowy winter seasons are also breathtakingly beautiful.


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We explain common sense and manners of Japan.

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